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VidCon Anaheim - WOW!

Excuse the pun, but VidCon was STELLAR. Like crazy cool! If you aren't familiar, VidCon is the premier show for digital creators, their fans, and their brands to all converge every year. After attending the Baltimore show and loving it, I was beyond excited when asked to attend ANAHEIM! This was their 13th anniversary and every year it gets even bigger and better! Like almost 60,000 attendees!!!! And once you go, you'll understand why. There were so many creators I was excited to meet and the format allows you to really engage and interact! OK, let's get into it.

First off, there was the prep. Naturally, I couldn't just find some cute outfits to wear like any normal person. No, I thought it would be way cooler to iron on a kazillion alien patches to my favorite black jeans! So worth the effort though! I LOVE them. Next up? Create these adorable, autographed moon stickers! When people take the time to come see me at the shows it means the world - or in this case the moon? - to me. I thought stickers would be something fun I could give out to my fans as a thank you! Then it was take off!!!!!

The show was like living inside my dream pinball machine! Everywhere you look there are lights, colors, people, music and it felt like I had to look everywhere, all at once, or I might miss something! Although, that leaves plenty to see next year! So many fun memories! Here are some of my favorites - oh, check out the fifth picture. That is fellow science creator, Forrest Valkai, doing science experiments at the bar!

And now, I think it's important I share the moment I was most nervous about — the red carpet. I have never been on a red carpet before! In the space industry, I make presentations all the time and obviously, thanks to social media, I have gotten comfortable in front of a camera. But ask me to stand still, smile, and pose, and I have no idea what to do! I also wasn't sure what to wear and my top required some sewing and crafting as well. I am very grateful to the professionals at Getty Images for getting a good picture, with the help of my friends nearby coaching me on how to pose! So, I will close on that. 💋🎬😂 See you next year, VidCon!


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