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Alexandra Doten

Formerly, a space communications specialist with NASA and later, the U.S. Space Force, today, I am an independent consultant to space organizations around the world. I write and develop brand strategies, educational presentations, speeches, and social media content. 

During quarantine, I began Astro Alexandra as a fun diversion. Within a year, I had over a million followers. After two years, I had an LLC and a thriving community of Astro Insiders. Now, I speak on television, online, and on stage about topics like: space exploration, international space collaboration, advances in space discovery, current events, women in STEM, and the future of space travel. I also partner with ambitious brands looking to connect with curious people.

I am Boston-born, North Carolina-bred and a proud graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I have a Bachelor of Science in Human and Organizational Development specializing in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. 


Meet my Co-Pilot

An outstanding crew is vital to any mission. That's why I choose this guy every time. Fenway has been my trusty co-pilot for 7 years now.  A fierce advocate for the ethical treatment of animals in space, Fenway also brings vast expertise in chasing birds and chewing cardboard.

Additional Passions Include:


Photography and editing

Sports - hello, I was born in Boston!

Travel - I'm obsessed!

Hiking with my co-pilot

Thrifting and home decor

Beauty and make up

Binge-watching Parks & Rec

Power walking every museum in town

Sci-fi movies and video games

Everything pet parenthood

Vegetarian cooking and eating

Highland cows - seriously

The National Parks - all of them!

Discovering new indie music

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