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Our Flag — “Flying” High!

Hey everyone! For those who haven’t seen my vids on the topic, I thought today would be the perfect day to talk about our American flag on the moon.

Having served on White House advisory boards under two different administrations, I've come to realize that no matter how much our politics may vary, the ideals represented by our flag — freedom, global leadership, and this great democratic experiment — unite us all. And like most Americans, seeing our flag fly on the moon fills me with immense pride. Fun fact though: it's not actually waving!

Makes sense, right? With no air on the moon, there's no breeze to make the flag flutter. And nothing is sadder than an ill-flying flag as I demonstrate here at age 3.

So NASA engineers had to get creative to make the flag look like it was flying. Their ingenious solution was a flagpole with a horizontal bar, allowing the flag to proudly stand out in the moon’s airless environment.

So look up and enjoy your day today, Earthlings, especially all Americans! There's so much to celebrate.


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