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Open Sauce-someness!!!

There was a whole lot of fun happening in San Fran this past weekend! Open Sauce was THE place to be for creators, makers, fans, fun, innovators, science lovers, robots, busting myths and all around nerdy amazement! My brother joined me as my plus one and we had such a blast! Can't wait till next year!

We started off exploring the city, did a little sight-seeing, souvenir shopping, and enjoying some great food! (please note the previous sentence contains an Oxford comma, of which, I am a huge fan. If you disagree, I am not sure we can be friends.)

When I wasn’t up on on the Open Sauce stage, I played some super fun games, geeked out over all the amazing stuff there was to see, and even competed in a mini race! All the vehicles were designed and built by incredibly talented college students. Bummed I didn’t win, but I had an absolute blast and hopefully I made my team proud!

And of course, there was plenty of stage time too. You can get all the details on that and lots more on my YouTube channel next week!


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