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FOX Business "TikTok influencer Alexandra Doten warns a ban would deal a blow to small businesses"


NewsNation Rush Hour Interview:


Popular Science article "Make your social media feed smarter with these science accounts"


WIRED Article: "TikTok Paid for Influencers to Attend the Pro-TikTok Rally in DC"


TIME Magazine Inside the Influencer Campaign to Save TikTok in Washington:


Farmers Almanac interview:


TODAY article: TikTok changed their lives. Now, these creators are considering how a ban would impact them


MSN article "Space Industry Expert Shares Why She Doesn't Think Aliens Have Been To Earth":


NewsNation Rush Hour NASA UAP Interview:


Rush Hour James Webb Space Telescope Interview:


NewsNation "Sound of silence: NASA releases audio of a black hole | Rush Hour" Interview

Lemonada Media "V Interesting" podcast interview:

Derbyshire Telegraph: "Everyone needs to look up at Jupiter tonight, says space-obsessed TikToker":


North Wales Live: "Jupiter will make closest approach to Earth in 59 years tonight":


NewsNation "Was NASA scrub of Artemis 1 maiden flight a bad look? | Rush Hour" Interview:


NewsNation "NASA sets new Artemis launch day | Rush Hour":


EarthSky "Robots to robot: ‘Happy birthday, Curiosity!’"


The Project (Australian News) "NASA's Curiosity Rover Turns 10 On Mars In The Loneliest Birthday Ever" commentary:


Build a Biz Kids: "10 Educational TikTok Accounts for your Kids to Follow":


Indy100: "TikToker reveals what could be the worst planet in the solar system":


Glucose studios interview "How to best prepare your child for a bright future?":


Revelstoke Review: "Morning Start: The Sun is Not on Fire":

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